the first step in designing a space is finding inspiration.
a beautiful fabric, unique furniture piece, or a favorite picture, can inspire a complete design.
even when not designing a room, i still like a dose of daily inspiration.
the blogging community has made inspiration very accessible.
sometimes i start at one design blog and an hour later i have linked through 100.
vincent wolf, interior designer and photographer, provides me with inspiration on a regular basis.
his designs are clean, crisp, simple, and perfect.

vincent wolf also photographs all his own interiors.
i would love to do that.

upholstery project…

yesterday, during my weekly routine visit to our local second hand store, i purchased a chair.

the cane sides and the $15.00 price tag were to tempting to pass up.
i began the re-upholstry last night.
i started with taking off the existing fabric to use as a pattern.
it’s not as easy as it looks, those tufted buttons are difficult to get off!
i plan on purchasing the fabric today.
our local discount fabric store sells good quality upholstery fabric for $3.00-$6.00/yard.
i also might take a peak at calico corners, i love their fabrics.
i also plan on spray painting the chair white.
i was inspired by this beautiful chair transformation.
check out the before and afters here.
although i think the white on white is stunning, it is not very practical for a home with a 2 year old.
i was thinking a pale blue.
off to shop!

fabrics galore

while browsing on cailtlin creer interiors blog i came across this fabulous and inexpensive textiles company called tonic living.
they carry a wide variety of unique and interesting textiles.
they are located in toronto, canada.
that is good news for all you canadians, they ship to canada!
the 16″ x 16″ pillows range from $24.00 – $33.00
i might have to snag the top left one for myself. ( i am a sucker for yellow)

they also have some amazing fabrics.
can’t you see these in a nursery or children’s room?
or maybe made into a throw pillow to spice up a drab sofa?
best part, they range from $8.00 – $14.00 a yard.
just lovely.

chevron rug

i am drawn to the chevron rug.
the bold but simple chevron pattern seems like the perfect way to enhance a space.
you can get a 5′ x 8′ wool chevron rug for $229.00 at west elm, not bad.
if you are looking for a less expensive substitute, check out ikeas stolkholm rand rug.
5′-7″ x 10′-6″ for $179.00 sounds like a deal to me.
the pattern is slightly different, but the overall look is still fantastic.

don’t you think the chevron rug looks great in these spaces?
you can even mix it with other graphic patterns.
suzannah at adventures in dressmaking came up with a simple diy zig zag rug project.
can you believe she made this rug?
now that is creative.
now i have to decide, do i want to make one too?