upholstery project…

yesterday, during my weekly routine visit to our local second hand store, i purchased a chair.

the cane sides and the $15.00 price tag were to tempting to pass up.
i began the re-upholstry last night.
i started with taking off the existing fabric to use as a pattern.
it’s not as easy as it looks, those tufted buttons are difficult to get off!
i plan on purchasing the fabric today.
our local discount fabric store sells good quality upholstery fabric for $3.00-$6.00/yard.
i also might take a peak at calico corners, i love their fabrics.
i also plan on spray painting the chair white.
i was inspired by this beautiful chair transformation.
check out the before and afters here.
although i think the white on white is stunning, it is not very practical for a home with a 2 year old.
i was thinking a pale blue.
off to shop!

window treatments

i find myself always using simple panels for all my windows treatments.
these diy pelmet boxes are the perfect solution to add variety to your windows.
jenny, author of the little green notebook, created easy and inexpensive, step by step instructions to create these stunning pelmet boxes.
check them out here.

she also made the headboards and the duvet covers.
i think the overall look is extraordinary.
i can’t wait to make my own pelmet boxes this week!

wall art.

i love the idea of simple diy wall art.
these stylish plates sure make a statement.

{ images via: apartment theropy, point click home, discover interior design,
it’s a jaime thing, entertaining with style.}