upholstery project…

yesterday, during my weekly routine visit to our local second hand store, i purchased a chair.

the cane sides and the $15.00 price tag were to tempting to pass up.
i began the re-upholstry last night.
i started with taking off the existing fabric to use as a pattern.
it’s not as easy as it looks, those tufted buttons are difficult to get off!
i plan on purchasing the fabric today.
our local discount fabric store sells good quality upholstery fabric for $3.00-$6.00/yard.
i also might take a peak at calico corners, i love their fabrics.
i also plan on spray painting the chair white.
i was inspired by this beautiful chair transformation.
check out the before and afters here.
although i think the white on white is stunning, it is not very practical for a home with a 2 year old.
i was thinking a pale blue.
off to shop!


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