chevron rug

i am drawn to the chevron rug.
the bold but simple chevron pattern seems like the perfect way to enhance a space.
you can get a 5′ x 8′ wool chevron rug for $229.00 at west elm, not bad.
if you are looking for a less expensive substitute, check out ikeas stolkholm rand rug.
5′-7″ x 10′-6″ for $179.00 sounds like a deal to me.
the pattern is slightly different, but the overall look is still fantastic.

don’t you think the chevron rug looks great in these spaces?
you can even mix it with other graphic patterns.
suzannah at adventures in dressmaking came up with a simple diy zig zag rug project.
can you believe she made this rug?
now that is creative.
now i have to decide, do i want to make one too?

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