birthday wishes

tomorrow i am turning the big 26.
i have my eye on a few things…

inspiration boards

everyday i browse the internet.
i look for things that inspire me, make me excited, and that i want.
somedays i find so much.
i always save a picture.
my desktop is a complete mess, filled with tiny little pictures.
i think it is time to start an inspiration board, a place to display the things i love.
this office is adorable.
a large piece of cork does the trick and everything looks so organized.

i love the idea of displaying funky stationary.
looks like a piece of art to me, and functional!

incorporating inspiration boards into everyday interiors, not just the office, is exactly what i need.

this eclectic inspiration board also functions as a piece of art, even in the entry.
it would be kinda fun to be greeted by an inspiration board.
above the sofa? why not?
sometimes small spaces have to function as multiple purposes.
i think it works.
{molly sims office, kishani perera design}

what inspires you?