my kitchen is in need of some decor.
generally i like my kitchen decorations to be minimal.
i am in need of some art on the wall.
maybe an eat sign?
i also like the idea of growing herbs in the kitchen.
it adds lots of color, texture, and style.
flowers are also a great way to add life to a kitchen.
nothing better than a fresh bouquet of flowers!
i also love the concept of adding color through dishes,
or painting cabinet interiors.
what an inexpensive way to spice up a kitchen.

one of the most economical ways of adding style to a kitchen is fruit.
lemons, limes, oranges, apples, paired with a stylish vase or bowel can be the perfect finishing touch.
can you tell i love white kitchens?

dye residence.

audrey and tyson are in the process of building their first home.
like most first time builders, they are feeling overwhelmed with all the design decisions.
audrey sent me some photographs of the finishes they have already selected.
she currently owns a red sofa and wants to incorporate it in the space.
audrey also wanted to keep the red to a minimum and bring in additional complimentary colors.
they have an open floor plan.
the kitchen opens to the living and dining room.
she requested ideas for color and pattern.
for the dining room, i selected a pale blue and beige garden toile for the drapery, coordinating beige and black fabric for the chair upholstery, and a hint of red in the centerpiece.
for the living room, i incorporated the red sofa in the design but added classic colors, simple patterns, and modern decorative accessories to complete the look.

i am excited to see the finished product.

day beds

sometimes rooms serve multiple purposes.
my daughters room is her bedroom, playroom, and guest room.
next week are putting a double bed in her room to help provide more comfort for guests.
this requires me to be creative with how I divide her space.
i’ve decided to put the bed up against the wall to create a “day bed.”
the company bemz has created a sleek bed cover that solves the problem of looking like 2 mattresses.
for $104.00 you can get one of these custom bedcovers. the best part, the color and pattern options are almost endless. how perfect is that?
in order to create the look of a bed, a headboard is definitely needed.
i was thinking of putting the headboard lengthwise, it will be large, but will definitely make a statement.
this company creates unique and creative vinyl headboards.
when trying to save space, this seems like the perfect solution.
best part, $40.00!
this daybed was featured on mochatini.
she used old wooden pallets to create a daybed.
she also salvaged an old door to create the headboard. genius.
doesn’t it look amazing?
i also love the collection of vintage frames above the bed.
the last thing needed to make the perfect daybed is pillows.
a good combination of color and pattern are sure to finish off the look.
now, it’s time to get to work.
my projects are adding up!


it seems that there is always a project on the go.
laminate floors were recently installed and now i need some area rugs.
i am leaning towards something light.
maybe simple cotton like this one.

or a small pattern

or possibly a shag to warm things up.

my dining room is in desperate need of something on the wall.

maybe a collection of prints?
or a combination of art and prints.
or a funky mirror.
finally, my fireplace needs some serious attention.

maybe a collection of cordinating mirrors.
or that perfect piece of art.

now the hard part, finding those items on a tight budget!