day beds

sometimes rooms serve multiple purposes.
my daughters room is her bedroom, playroom, and guest room.
next week are putting a double bed in her room to help provide more comfort for guests.
this requires me to be creative with how I divide her space.
i’ve decided to put the bed up against the wall to create a “day bed.”
the company bemz has created a sleek bed cover that solves the problem of looking like 2 mattresses.
for $104.00 you can get one of these custom bedcovers. the best part, the color and pattern options are almost endless. how perfect is that?
in order to create the look of a bed, a headboard is definitely needed.
i was thinking of putting the headboard lengthwise, it will be large, but will definitely make a statement.
this company creates unique and creative vinyl headboards.
when trying to save space, this seems like the perfect solution.
best part, $40.00!
this daybed was featured on mochatini.
she used old wooden pallets to create a daybed.
she also salvaged an old door to create the headboard. genius.
doesn’t it look amazing?
i also love the collection of vintage frames above the bed.
the last thing needed to make the perfect daybed is pillows.
a good combination of color and pattern are sure to finish off the look.
now, it’s time to get to work.
my projects are adding up!


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    thanks dani for showing me a bit of your house! you have some really fun pieces! i love the blue you used to paint the little night stand…i’m trying to find the perfect blue for dressers i am painting for in the baby’s room and i must say…quite the challenge! you are good!

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