sarah’s house

sarah’s house, a television show on hgtv, is a must see.
her recent season involved renovating an old farmhouse.
her impeccable style, understanding of scale, and use of pattern and texture is remarkable.

i dream of spending every weekend at a farmhouse like this.

hang them high

one of my favorite design tips is hanging drapery high.
typically i always hang mine floor to ceiling.
naturally, this gives the illusion of a larger space.

{nate berkus}

{decor pad}

{decor pad}

{home and harmony}
this tip can also be applied to the bathroom.
instead of purchasing the typical 72″ shower curtain, select drapery panels and hang them floor to ceiling.
(the trick is to hang the drapery panels on a separate rod from the plastic shower curtain liner. leave the liner at regular height and place another spring loaded shower curtain rod near the ceiling. then hang the drapery panels on the higher rod)
this makes the space look larger and more dramatic.
sherry from young house love recently adapted this tip to her home.
although the change seems subtle, the overall feeling is fantastic.
these floor to ceiling leaf print draperies sure make a statement.
{apartment therapy}
what an inexpensive way to transform a bathroom.
i have the alvine kottar curtains from ikea hanging in my bathroom and i love them.
happy hanging!


the first step in designing a space is finding inspiration.
a beautiful fabric, unique furniture piece, or a favorite picture, can inspire a complete design.
even when not designing a room, i still like a dose of daily inspiration.
the blogging community has made inspiration very accessible.
sometimes i start at one design blog and an hour later i have linked through 100.
vincent wolf, interior designer and photographer, provides me with inspiration on a regular basis.
his designs are clean, crisp, simple, and perfect.

vincent wolf also photographs all his own interiors.
i would love to do that.

fabrics galore

while browsing on cailtlin creer interiors blog i came across this fabulous and inexpensive textiles company called tonic living.
they carry a wide variety of unique and interesting textiles.
they are located in toronto, canada.
that is good news for all you canadians, they ship to canada!
the 16″ x 16″ pillows range from $24.00 – $33.00
i might have to snag the top left one for myself. ( i am a sucker for yellow)

they also have some amazing fabrics.
can’t you see these in a nursery or children’s room?
or maybe made into a throw pillow to spice up a drab sofa?
best part, they range from $8.00 – $14.00 a yard.
just lovely.