Thrifty Tuesday: Utility Sink Makeover!

I am so glad that Amy from Plain & Fancy Living sent this fabulous and thrifty DIY project my way.
She was also kind enough to give us a quick tutorial too!

Thanks for sharing my project on your Thrifty Tuesday’s Series Danielle! I was tired of looking at the unsightly plumbing and cleaning bucket under the unattractive builder’s grade utility sink in my laundry room.  

I decided to make a “no sew” skirt to hide the bottom half of the sink. I paid $8.48 for 3/4 yard of fabric in a geometric print.  First, I measured the sink and to see how much fabric I needed for the front, side and corner panel.  I wanted the skirt to look custom and have easy access to the cleaning bucket underneath.

Once I had my measurements, I cut the fabric into three separate pieces.  I applied the “no sew” hem to the corner piece first, then I started hemming the front and side panels.  I had to allow room to overlap the top hem over the corner piece that I had already hemmed.  

I did whip out a few real stitches to reinforce the fabric where the pieces met as added security.  This is the only place I used a needle and thread.

I finished hemming the bottom of the skirt.

I wanted to protect the fabric from spills and dirt.  I applied this fabric protector spray.

I applied this crazy sticky velcro to the sides and corner of the utility sink and tacked the edge of the side panel to the wall with an upholstery nailhead that I had leftover from my corkboard project (I always try to use project leftovers whenever possible).

I peeled off the outside piece of adhesive paper from the velcro and placed the skirt right at the edge of the lip of the sink.  I pressed really hard to make sure the fabric was sticking to the velcro.  I continued all the way around the corner and front of the sink until it was completely covered.

I added this really cute mirror that I found at Lowe’s (it was on sale for around $60) that looks very similar to a Pottery Barn mirror. The dimensions for this mirror were perfect for the space.  



This project was super easy, fast and thrifty.  I spent the most money on the mirror but I think it was worth it.  


I love the way it turned out.
I think it is the best looking utility sink I have ever seen.
Thanks Amy, you can also check out her design blog here.

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    It is amazing what a little fabric and mirror can do! I love this. I have been waiting to update my laundry room for a while – but it is just too overwhelming… it is all gross baby blue (Walls, carpet, ceiling, cement floors) – I dont know where to start!

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    Danielle! I just found your blog and read through the entire thing. Seriously, all the way to your first post. !! Thank you for all of the great tips! I spend most of my time being a full-time mama of twins and running my photography business, and I am a part-time design blog stalker. 🙂 Emory is a doll too…I can’t imagine spending three months in the NICU. We were there for a little under a week and it was a life-changing experience. So happy to have stumbled upon your work! xoxo

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