online room design giveaway!

how this works:
1. the winner will be randomly chosen.
2. i will send the winner a short questionnaire to understand style, color preferences, and use of space.
3. the winner will send multiple photos of a room they would like to be re-designed.
4. i will select finishes, furniture, accessories, and compile an online design board.
good luck!

dining room

last week i purchased 2 mirrors from a thrift store for $8.00 each.
i knew they would be perfect in my dining room.
they needed some work but the lines were just right.

i taped the mirrors to make painting easier.

then i painted.
2 coats or primer and 4 coats of paint.
ugh, it makes me tired just thinking of it!

i also gave them a quick sand between each coat.

i purchased tintable sample paint from home depot and also some artists brushes.

then i carefully painted the interior of the mirror a pale blue.

$23.00 + 1 afternoon = success!

i love them.