Kitchen Dreaming

After 9 years of apartment style living, I can’t help but dream of pretty kitchen.
I don’t necessary want a huge kitchen, or anything to fancy either, but lots and lots of personality is a must.
It’s funny, as I look through my kitchen pinterest page, I can’t help but notice my love for a vintage feeling spaces. I like white subway tile with dark grout, wood accents, shaker cabinets, open shelving, and unique lay-outs. 
Within the next 10 years, I hope to be able to build my dream kitchen. Until then, I have lots of planning to do!
The yellow lights…adore them.

There isn’t much about this space that I don’t love.
It is screaming with personality, don’t you think?

Simple open shelving, you just can’t go wrong!

This kitchen is a little “fancier” than I would like, but how great are those shelves. So unique and I like that.

Oh my, tile all the way to the ceiling gets me every single time.
This space is a little too country for me, but the mixture if white, black, and wood is spot on.

And this one is a little to industrial for me, but I can’t get over that white brick wall.
I need it.
{all images via here}
It will be interesting to see my style when the time comes to build my dream kitchen, but for now, I would take a combo of all these please!
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