My 4 Tips for Creating a Kids Art Wall

6 must be the age where the inner artist really starts to bloom.
At least this is the case at our house. The day isn’t complete if Emory has created a big stack of new art, and to be honest, it isn’t half bad either.
The kids will be sharing a bedroom in our next place. I am a little nervous that my two perfect sleepers will no longer exist, but I am sure that once the adjustment period is over all will be fine. Of course I am already scheming inexpensive decor ideas for their room and I keep coming back to the idea of a gallery wall filled with their art. 
After spending endless hours on the internet looking for inspiration, I finally determined what kind of style I am going for and a few key guidelines that I plan to stick to.
1. Add Lots of Bright Color
I simply love this gallery wall. Obviously not made with children’s art, but it does speak to me. I really love the bright colors. When Emory paints, her colors tend to bleed together and we end up with a ton of green/brown paintings. A little direction on cleaning brushes and picking colors may help with this, and I think she would love to create some art with vivid colors.
{image via here}
2. Use a Variety of Sizes

Big art, little art, square art, rectangular art…I’ll take it all. We don’t descriminate over here. Plus I think it adds a little character.

{image via here}
3. Fill the Wall & Stick with Light Frames

I adore gallery walls that occupy the entire wall. Its prominent, unique and special. I also prefer keeping the frames light. I think this allows the art to steal the show and less attention is drawn to the frame.
{image via here}
4. Create A Drying Station

Yep, I am positive we need a drying station.  Nothing like seeing where the artist makes it all happen. Adorable and practical. Can’t ask for more.
{image via here}

How do you display your kids art?


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