Little Boys Bedroom E-Design Reveal

Last year I designed a super hero bedroom for a little boy!
I am not a fan of matchy matchy theme rooms, but we do need to keep the little ones happy right?
I did my best to work with the theme but still keep it well designed.
I sent her the design plan and she ran with it.
Here is the bedroom before….

How cute is he?!
And after…
What I love about e-design is that my clients are able to take the design plan and slowly implement it. She made a few changes to the original design but I still love the way it turned out. Oh, and apparently my little client is happy camper as well. Thats’s all that counts right?


  1. says

    I love that the theme wasnt in your face [thank you for that!]. And I love the map- I could picture him pretending to be an evil villain ready to take over the world lol 😉

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