Buying a Rug From Ebay?

Last week I saw this awesome home tour on The Every Girl.
Although I loved the entire home, the entry really got me excited.
The black door, gold chandelier, bust lamp, and that a-m-a-z-i-n-g rug!

It’s elegant, quirky, and perfectly styled.
In my opinion the rug really makes the space.
I have been eyeing persian rugs forever and have yet to find the perfect one.
After a few minutes n Ebay I did find a couple contenders, and I am always surprised at how reasonably priced they are.
I really love this runner on for $165.00, pretty great right? 
I also like this faded one. I love the worn in look.
The colors on this one are pretty fantastic! 
I have purchased  a few things on Ebay in the past and have had great success. Of course it is always important to look into the sellers history, but for the most part I have been pleased with my experience.
Would you buy a rug from Ebay?


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    I bought a rug on ebay before and LOOVE it! I first found a rug I liked from a popular online site, then started searching around other sites (like pinterest) to get a good feeling of what the rug would be in like in a room and in person. Then, I searched ebay and found the exact same rug listed for a GREAT price! This particular seller even let me make an offer which was even lower than the listed price. It turned out great and I absolutely LOVE the rug!! You always take a gamble when ordering a rug online, but I recommending doing as much research on the seller as possible and making sure the rug is legit. The only downside is you really cant return it (at least this seller stated you couldn’t) but I would say go for it!! Ebay is a great option for rugs!!

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    I’ve gotten a runner off of ebay too! I will say that the colors were a little off for me but other than that it was great- very affordable! It really does make the space- and it looks sooo good with that black door!

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    I know a lot of people who have had success buying rugs on Ebay. I think it ultimately comes down to how good of a deal it is. There are a lot of affordable places to buy rugs from these days.

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    What an awesome idea! I’m looking to make my outside space nice and cozy right now—I’m totally heading over to Ebay to see if they have any outdoor options!

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    I bought a vintage Turkish kilim off eBay and love it! It was the best deal I could find, and I was a little skeptical at first, but I have no complaints! If you can find a good deal with a store that has good reviews and lots of photos, I say go for it!
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