Finding the right sectional.

For the past week I have been in Calgary visiting with my family.
A few years ago I shared a mini tour of my parents home during Christmas, but this week I have also been sharing a few glimpses into their home on my Instagram feed
Their main family room is right off the kitchen. It is large, filled with natural light, and open to the rest of the home. Although they do spend a ton of time hanging out in this space, it isn’t totally comfortable.
Since my parents will be empty nesters in a few short months, they really want to transform this space to something a little more functional.  They would love to add a large comfortable (but semi-formal) looking sectional, a television, and a plush chair.
Selecting the right sectional can be so tough. I find many of them to be down right ugly, offered in less than desirable fabrics, or just plain uncomfortbale. Plus, when placing a sectional in an upstairs family room, it must have style.
So far my Mom is eyeing the Carlisle Sectional from Pottery Barn and I couldn’t agree more.
The rolled arms, down filled cushions and exposed legs add character, comfort, and style. Plus I think it will fit in perfectly with my mom’s traditional architecture and still give a slightly formal vibe.
I must admit, it isn’t very often that I come across a sectional that I like.
But when I do find one I love, I can’t get enough.
{image via Jute Home}
(image via Caitlin Creer}
{image via here}
In my opinion, it’s hard to beat the function and comfort a sectional can provide. The tricky part is finding one that is stylish too.
Are you a sectional fan or not so much?


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    We have two in our home and I love them more for how comfortable they are and how many people they seat than how they look. The one your Mom is looking at from PB looks very stylish though!! Good choice!

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    I like the practicality of a section but you’re right, it’s so hard to find one that looks tailored and stylish. We’re just using two separate couches for now but I have my eye out for any sectionals.

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    I think that PB one would be ideal for your parents. it goes perfectly in that space. It’s funny I used to hate sectionals and never had one…but guess what I’m in the hunt for? exactly! I’m looking for a a more modern sectional, sleek and more minimal. The thing is after some years of marriage my husband and I have noticed we don’t fit comfortably in our sofa together laying down, which we love doing while we read or chat so we think the sectional will be perfect- more room- but still cozy close. Ha! perfect solution!

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    We bought a PB comfort sectional when I was pregnant with our last baby. My husband thought I’d be able to lay on it like a lounger. Ha! We already had twin boys so that never happened. But its a great couch. We’ve been using it without the corner piece for a few years now, it just fit the room better but this past weekend after we took down the Christmas tree I decided to put it back in and we moved the furniture around (much to the chagrin of my husband) to a different configuration and it feels like a whole new room! Love that Carlisle sectional…wish it had been around when I was shopping for one.

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    I’ve never heard them called “sectionals”! For awhile, I had no idea what you’re talking about haha. In Australia we simply call them a “corner lounge”. They’re only popular here if they have a chaise though.

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