A Front Entry Update!

I purchased everything I needed to make an upholstered top for my entry bench over a month ago. Typically with projects I can’t wait to dive in. Let’s just say, patience is not my strong card.
For some reason, this time around the cut plywood and fabric remained in the garage untouched. Strange because this project literally took 10 minutes total I think it adds so much color and depth!

The bench is already sitting height, so I just added a small upholstered piece to the top.
Since it is just made of plywood wrapped in batting and fabric, I wouldn’t classify it as the most comfortable place to sit, but it does the trick for putting on your shoes.
Plus, let’s be honest…it is really about adding a little color.

I went with a dark blue fabric to help ground the light pastel-ish art and storage boxes. 
I used an outdoor fabric with a smaller pattern so it is easy to clean and hides any potential stains.
I purchased the fabric from Home Fabris for $5.00/yard and needed 1.5 yards.
If we were living here longer than 9 more month, I would replace the old wicker baskets and maybe even address the window, but I think it works for now.
The bench cost $16.00, the art was $8.00 (for the paint) and the baskets were $10.00 each from Home Goods. I already had the pillow but you can buy it at Ikea for $10.00.
I can’t complain about a space that costs under $50.00!
I love this cheerful little space to greet me as I come and go.
I also don’t mind peeking at it from the kitchen!
No matter how hard I try, I just can’t stay away from color!
Are you a color addict too?
You can read about my DIY abstract art tutorial here!


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    it’s lovely!! I love it! I do love color as well….I have so much color in this home…..we have been here for 7 years and will be moving soon….I will keep some of the same wall colors….but really I will be moving to a more neutral palette….its kind of like a pendulum I think….but I am all about color

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    I love the way your entry came out! I just added some color to ours this weekend too, it makes such a difference! Love your abstract art too! I hope you are enjoying your time in Boise!

  3. says

    I’m also obsessed with color! I always see pretty images of neutral spaces and really love them, but at my core I am a color lover! The more pattern and color the better…you have done this so well (I always fear the crayola crayon box house)!!

  4. says

    I love all the color! I especially like the black and white pillow against the royal blue cushion fabric and under the more pastel colors of the art.

    The quick projects take me the longest, too. I don’t know if I think they’ll take longer than they really do or if I just put them off because I know it won’t take long so I don’t worry about it.

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