I love Betsy…

Betsy Burnham is definitely one of my design idols.
Her work makes my jaw drop.
Her incredible attention to details, use of pattern and color, bold fabric selection, and flawless mixture of styles, proves her insane talent.

{All images via Burnham Design}
{image via Decor 8}

What I would give to be her intern for a week.
For now, I will just drool over her work in hopes that a little of her talent will seep through my computer screen.
I just love Betsy, don’t you?!


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    Wow I can see why she is one of your icons! Her work is beautiful! And I love her use of different patterns! I am not sure I could ever figure that out!

  2. says

    I love your blog Danielle, it is always such a fun read! I was an intern for Betsy and her design team during college and she really is a talented designer as well as a great businesswoman!

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