Last night we arrived home from our 2 week vacation in Calgary.
Why is unpacking such a pain?
Emory kindly unpacked her suitcase this morning in the living room, awesome.
My bedroom looks scary.
How embarrassing…

And Emory’s room isn’t much better.

The whole house is a disaster. 
How does it happen SO fast?
Thanks for being patient with me, I’ll be back on Monday :)
Happy Weekend!


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    It never fails, I always need a vacation from a vacation!! The thing I loved about beach trips in a house, and trips to my in-laws was the availability of a washer and dryer, so I could do laundry on the last day and unpack the minute we got home. LOL

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    Oh, I’m with you sister, I was up in Quebec last week and came home to no power because of the storm and STILL have not unpacked and I got home last Sunday!!! help!!! this has been the week from HELL! ;-O

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