Fall is in full force here in Calgary.
My mom always has the perfect decorations for each season.
You can see a full tour of my mom’s house here.
I love the simple cranberry wreaths.

And pumpkins are a must. 
I can’t wait to drill some holes in these beauties, just like Chassity did.

I also had a chance to capture some cute moments with my nieces.
I am no photographer but I love to play around with it.

She is too cute for words.
And doesn’t that smile make you melt?

I am obsessed.


  1. says

    I’m not surprised your mom knows how to decorate for the seasons. I absolutely fell in love with her home when you featured it on your blog! Sounds like you are having a great time in Calgary!

  2. says

    ohhhh you take great photographs.. you should continue just trying and your nieces are sooo lovely!! hope you are enjoying the time with your family!

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