Online Design: Living Room

I spend most of my nights working on online designs.
I love it.
This design was really fun to work on because the room has great bones.
My client had hired a designer in the past when ordering all of the furniture.
She now wanted to complete the room and add the necessary finishing touches.
I am a big believer that good design is in the details.
I loved selecting the accessories necessary to take this room from good to great.

I added pillows, a rug, mirror, drapery, pictures, and accessories to complete the space.
 I wanted to simplify the mantel, bring in some color in the pillows, and soften up the room with creamy drapery.
This sunburst mirror from Wisteria is really going to give the room a focal point.
I think it is going to look great.
I can’t wait to see it complete.
If you are interested my online design services, send me an email for a quote.


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    Hi Danielle! It’s Amy from the huntress lives. Question for you– what type of program/software are you using to make your e-designs? Trying to figure out which one is best? thx :)

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