Online Family Room Design

I have been very busy working on online designs.
I especially loved working with this client.
It was such a fun project and the space is stunning, I can’t get over those incredible ceilings.
This room is used for everything.
Entertaining, family time, watching television, playing games, and relaxing.
I wanted the design to comfortable, playful, and yet refined.
My client had already fallen in love with this console table from Wisteria.
It definitely set the tone for the room.
I then added blues, pinks, and pops of citron to give the room a little flavor.
She was thrilled with the design and I can’t wait to see it come to life!


  1. says

    Wisteria had those tables at their warehouse sale for $75 each and I almost bought one, but it’s not very wide and I couldn’t think of a good spot for it. Now I wish I had… :( That board is amazing!

  2. Carrie says

    It was so wonderful to work with you too! I am embarrassed to say the room is coming along slower than I would like. Just getting the paint up on the walls now. Chasing a soon to be 2 year old around has kept me very busy this summer. I will keep you posted on all the changes. Fingers crossed things are done by the end of the summer. Thanks for the post-it was just the push I needed! Oh, and the dark blue chevron rug is from IKEA.

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