Gallery Wall

Gallery Walls can be difficult to get just right.
My mom recently rocked this one out and it looks perfect.
There is something so charming about a stairwell gallery wall.
Definitely on my wish list for my future home.


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    This is so gorgeous! Super classic, elegant, and timeless. I absolutely adore this little nook… like, its-going-on-my-Dream-Home-Pinterest-board-immediately love it. A sense of style obviously runs in the family!

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    I like the way she mixed frame styles and colors and sizes but it all looks so cohesive. And since I love a house with character, I have to gush about the trim around the window and the beautious stairway railing.

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    I just love this look! But… what about all that light, and sun, on those pictures? My husband is a photographer and won’t let me put up any photograph (well..not any that I care about..) on any wall that gets any light! Even with archival paper, you won’t have much color left in a few years. It is a real problem for those of us who like to display!

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