thrifty tuesdays: DIY sunburst mirror

i have been busy working on DIY projects for my office/entry.
i decided to take a break from painting the brick (hallelujah!) and make a sunburst mirror.
since i have only budgeted $100.00 for the space, it needed it to be very inexpensive.
here is how it came to be:

step 1: purchase flat wood sticks, mirror, embroidery hoops, and paint.
step 2: break sticks into the desired length
step 3: create design
step 4: paint sticks ( i mixed two colors together, metallic gold & splendid bold)
step 5: let sticks dry
step 6: lay sticks out

step 7: glue sticks on the back of the mirror
step 8: turn mirror over
step 9: paint embroidery hoop
step 10: glue embroidery hoop on top of mirror
step 11: glue hanging mechanism on back of mirror
and your finished!
total cost $19.00

it kinda has a retro feel.

i think it will look amazing hung against my crisp white brick fireplace.

i can’t wait to get my fireplace painted and the mirror hung!


  1. says

    Very cool!! I love it! Thank you for giving all the instructions and details. I’m sure this will help lots of other tight budgets out there!
    Have a great week!

  2. says

    are you kidding me?!?!?!!? that is all kinds of awesome! or amazeballs (a word I’m trying to use more often..this, however, is the first opportunity as the project is, indeed, amazeballs!)

    This is my fave sunburst diy I’ve seen online. Is the mirror just from the craft store? and the flat sticks?

    great job, danielle! (ps — my fabric post coming to you tomorrow-ish) ๐Ÿ™‚

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