$46.00 diy headboard

i finished the headboard for emory’s bedroom last night, i love it.
$46.00 was the total cost.
batting: $8.00 (40% off at joanns)
fabric: $26.00 ($12.00/yard on fabric.com)
plywood: $12.00 (home depot)
here is a short tutorial on how i did it:

1. place headboard in desired position.

2. draw outline.
3. cut plywood using skill saw.
4. lay on top of batting (all 3 layers) and cut batting accordingly.

5. staple batting to plywood.
i stapled all 3 layers of batting at the same time.

6. lay headboard on fabric and cut the fabric accordingly.
7. staple fabric onto plywood.

and your finished, super easy!
i am so happy with the end result.
now the bed needs some pillows…
also, tonight i will be doing a lot of spray painting, it should be fun!
make sure you check back to see the results!

UPDATE: Head on over here to see the finished room!


  1. says

    Amazing job on that headboard. It turned out to be so cute. I love that fabric too. At first glance it looks very similar to Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Ling. Can’t wait to see what you spray painted.

  2. says

    I just emailed my husband this link. I want to make a headboard for my room. I love the detailing on this one. I may go plain to make it easier on my assistant/husband.

  3. Monica says

    How is it then attached to the bed frame or wall? I absolutely love it and can not wait to start on my own!!

  4. Rose says

    would love some pointers on the math for the outline! This is pretty much the shape I’d love for making our own headboard, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get the cuts lined up correctly.

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